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October Meeting 2017-10-26

Friends,  I had the pleasure of making a presentation at the meeting on Tuesday. I certainly had a good time as I like telling the stories of what I have been able to do, and I hope the people attending enjoyed it too.

A book repair    Firstly I shared a few pictures from a book I am repairing.    An unusual Discovery in the glued front pages.  The 1885  title,  Englishmen in Egypt including the life of Gordon.  Read More

Designers Proofs. Before I went away I had the pleasure of producing some mockups then proof copies of a childrens book, as test marketing samples. 25 copies and an interesting exersize working out how to produce them efficiently and cleanly. See some pictures here

The Purchase of the Daphne Dobbins Collection.   The day before I left for China this came available.  Go here for  the story and pictures.

Immersion English. The main reason for the travel was involvement in an immersion English program in China. A team of 25 or so volunteers from 4 different countries spend a week of training and 3 weeks of intensive English speaking.  It is a formal curiculum of pronounciation, speaking and recitation, vocabulary, and as much immersion in English with students and native English speakers is the object of the program. The methodincludes games, singing, cultural visits to museums and scenic vistas, and tourist attractions, and cultural exchange.  It makes for a very busy  time, along with the heat, humidity, pollution, faulty toilets, board hard beds, and many many people.  Read More.

Presidential Priveleges.

As the President, you have all given me a great privelege. I do not travel anywhere without my VBG president business cards and I give them out very freely to anyone vaguely interested in books, and bash the ears of a few who, well really aren't interested. But you never know!!    I  have the privelege of representing you at conferences and other places.

Canberra National Conference.  In March I represented the Guild at the Canberra National Conference. My first bookbinding conference and a pleasure to mix with many Australian and Overseas binders. The proceedings of the conference have arrived and are awaiting binding so they can properly enter the Guild Library. While mentioning the library, do you have any books on loan?  We like to audit the books at the end of the year so if you could make arrangements to get any books you might have out of the library back by the November meeting, the Librarian will be very happy. I dont have a picture collection, too busy soaking it in and talking to others. My report appears in a previous newsletter.

China National Library Conservation Department.  I applied to The National Library of China to visit the conservation department of the library. It took quite a while, over three months of requests and a week before I left I have given upon the idea of visiting. However 3 days before we left, I received an email from the International Laison Office,  Miss Xi Tian, inviting me to visit. Read More.

Onwards to England .  We new it would be hot, humid,and polluted in China, so I convinced Jenny we would need to go somewhere cooler but not so cold as Melbourne, and she agreed to Scotland. Then I told here I had googled what’s on. Suprise , suprise, I found the Society of Bookbinders Conference was on, and just near Manchester Airport, our arrival airport. So she went to look at pottery while I attended Keele University for the conference. Read More

Then to Scotland.  From there we headed into Scotland. These is so much to see, so many uniques libraries, art collections, and amazing little churches hidden away with  amazing artworks. I would have liked to visit John Rylands Library now part of University of Manchester, but it didn’t fit into the schedule. However we did get to the Innerpeffray Library .   Read More.

Stirling Castle.  One cant visit Scotland without a castle or two, we avoided most and pent our timein the back waters. But hardly a village anywhere which doesn't have a history worth hearing. Sterling castle has come interesting "book" sidelights so read on.


So I hope you have enjoyed my report and the galleries, I hope there will be more to come now I have worked out how to present them.  Got a binding story? or at least one where you saw a book, and some good pictures. Let me know  Jim

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